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Strong men, strong hearts

Strong men, strong hearts

I love a strong man. However I do believe that my definition of a strong man would not be the same as the most of the world. Yes it’s nice to have someone to look at who’s easy on the eyes, but what is inside counts for so much more.

I love a man who is loyal and faithful to his wife. In this world of media we here about actors and singers and such all the time. They are usually in and out of relationships every other week. When I hear about one of these famous men who has been married to the same woman for a long time, who is never in the gossip rags for cheating or…

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What a guy!

My husband and I have a long standing, stress relieving hobby. We plan a renovation on our house. We can’t afford to do it, but that’s the beauty of paper and pencils or a computer program, you can remodel and plan until your hearts content! We have done it many times, thinking about what goes where, how to make the most of what we have, all kinds of things. But a while ago he came up with a basic plan for a remodel that I fell in love with.

He does all the work, all the planning. He knows electrical and plumbing and solar, all the good stuff. I know about how I want it to fee, what area’s we…

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A Marriage lesson

It sounds trite and old fashioned but communication is an absolute must in a good marriage.

I have told my girls that if I ever hear them say”If he loved me he would know…….” I will punch them in the nose! Nothing ever has or ever will compensate for just opening your mouth and telling him what you want, need, or just can’t stand.

A man’s brain doesn’t work like a woman’s brain. A man’s brain is very compartmentalized. he does one thing at a time and nothing has anything to do with anything else. Work is work. Home is home. Kids are kids. Friends are friends. Where he spends his money or who he tells a joke to…

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Another Marriage lesson

Time together is precious!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I remember a young couple I knew a few years ago. They were expecting their first child. They were so excited and so in love and so in love iwth the idea of becoming parents. Then the baby was born early and didn’t live, it was bad. This is a very hard thing to go through but the husband was so distraught that the doctor gave him some medication to help calm him down and he had an allergic reaction and died. Now this young woman had lost her child and her husband within just a few hours.

A couple years before that another couple, 6 young children,…

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The funeral of a missionary

February 2010 some family friends lost their son. He had been serving a mission in Romania  and he and his companion died in their sleep from a gas leak. It was devastating news for our small valley, for this family who have a young daughter with cancer and another with a mystery illness. But at the funeral there was a feeling of celebration of life and service!

The boys grandfather was described by a general authority as a spiritual giant, and after listening to him give the eulogy I have to agree. He talked about his grandson, his life, his growth as a missionary, his friends and goals. then he taught us about what this young man will be doing…

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