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Christmas Experiences as Presents

Christie worked long and hard last year to get everyone just the right Christmas present. There was months of research involved and a lot of thought was given as to who the person was, what they might enjoy, what things were available in their area, what family members could do together, lots of thought.

The idea was this, don’t just run to the store and give a present, give an experience, a day of fun, a memory.

We draw names for Christmas in our family, so we give gifts one on one. The names Christie had she thought about, she spent tons of time on line learning about the area they live in, she thought about likes and dislikes, she…

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Making pies or making relationships?

I took the day off work the other day to experiment with making mini pies with my daughters. We’re having a party later this year and we would like to serve pie, however whole pies don’t serve very many and slices of pie require plates and forks and can be messy. So mini pies it was!

We spent the afternoon experimenting with flavors, we should have tried different sizes. We spent the afternoon in conversation and cooperation. We spent a pleasant day tasting and talking and planning and just being together.

Joining us in our afternoon was my oldest grand daughter, she’s 2. She insisted over and over that “Brooke a big helper!” She rolled out her own dough, dropped…

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Do you ever have a day, a week, when you just don’t feel like you’re worth much? A time in your life where for whatever reason you wonder, do I contribute to the world? If I disappeared would anyone notice? Have I done anything that would make a difference in my family, in the world? Have I reached my potential? Do I have true meaning in my life?

I was watching TV the other night and it was a documentary about using dogs to help with recovery and therapy especially for kids. This woman had a beloved dog and had contact with a group that provided this service and through a series of events began her own foundation to help…

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Grandma’s cottage

In my Grandmothers house, in an old cheap tin frame, there was a picture of a cottage. Perhaps in Old England, this cottage has a thatched roof, is surrounded by trees and greenery, has a brook running through the property and up to the cottage. The picture looks like a photo of a hand painted picture, so who knows if such a place ever existed. Grandma always had it on her piano or a shelf that she could see everyday. I don’t remember ever asking her about it or whether or not she ever said anything about it, I just know it was important to her.

When Grandma died, my mother took the picture home with her. She loved it…

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The Mom Competition

It happens every where, the pressure whether intended or not, to be the best Mom. The problem is, what does being the best or even a good mom mean?

I remember as I was raising my kids the constant pressure, whether real or implied, to have myself or my kids involved in a myriad of things. One sport was not enough, they should do all the sports. Good grades are not good enough, they have to do all AP or honors courses. Playing only one instrument? Heaven forbid, lessons on at least 3 and by the way they should be involved in at least one choir. Running for class office? The shame and the horror of losing or only being…

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