I love a strong man. However I do believe that my definition of a strong man would not be the same as the most of the world. Yes it’s nice to have someone to look at who’s easy on the eyes, but what is inside counts for so much more.

I love a man who is loyal and faithful to his wife. In this world of media we here about actors and singers and such all the time. They are usually in and out of relationships every other week. When I hear about one of these famous men who has been married to the same woman for a long time, who is never in the gossip rags for cheating or lying or beating his wife, he automatically becomes so much sexier in my eyes! Nothing makes a man as sexy as being faithful to the same woman his whole life…….well unless it’s being a really great dad!

I love a man who is completely ga-ga over his children. Not the kind of man who raises spoiled rotten children no one can stand to be around, but the kind who loves them no matter what. The kind of man who loves to see them at the end of his day, who makes pancakes for breakfast on the weekends that look like Mickey Mouse, the kind who teaches them to fish, to work, to respect their mom. I love a man who looks at his kids and just turns to mush, even when he knows he has to follow through with the discipline. He recognizes these precious children as not only his, but children of God.

I love a man who gives his wife wings. Someone who recognizes that she works hard all day, that she is important, that she also has needs, dreams, and could use a little time off, or perhaps a really nice date night! He knows she doesn’t need giant diamonds, she needs him, she needs his attention, his respect. When she has these things, she can become or do anything! He keeps her grounded, he gives her a foundation to build on, he gives her wings to fly. If she does the same for him, they are indeed blessed.

IMG_20140830_184743_074 This is my man, snuggled up with 2 of his favorite girls.

IMG_20141022_123146_140 Here he welcomes home our youngest daughter from her mission, with a tear or two in his eyes. This man is not afraid to show his kids they are loved. He doesn’t say it too much, he’s a quiet man, but they know it because he shows it. They know that he will always be there to lean on. They trust him.

Photo Sep 05, 6 00 14 PM This is our boy, who has learned to be a strong man by watching his dad and learning well.

Photo Jun 23, 8 17 03 PM He includes his daughters in his life, in his hobbies, in the things he loves. He doesn’t just tell them he loves them, he shows them. He knows how to make them breakfast, change the diapers, follow through with discipline. He knows how to tuck them in, read a story, go fishing. These girls will know too that daddy loves them and they can trust him.

They think he’s every cowboy they see. They think he’s a great hunter, Photo Oct 04, 5 14 33 PM he likes to think so too! But mostly they think he’s daddy  and they love it when he comes home to them. He’s probably never going to be famous, or be rich, or have a school named after him, but these 3 women  Photo Sep 05, 6 00 51 PM will love him and know exactly who he is and be grateful he belongs to them. There may be a couple sisters and a mom who think that too!

I love a strong man, a truly strong man.