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Dutch Oven Basics

Anything you can fry, bake or boil can be made in a Dutch Oven. The biggest advantage is a little slower pace, so while dinner is cooking, visit with family and friends and make your meal an event instead of a hurried chow hall experience. A few sacks of briquettes and a couple of Dutch Ovens and you not only have a great camping meal, but you have dinner for family night, dinner when the power goes out, dinner in an emergency situation. Take the lid off and turn it upside down and you have a griddle for your eggs and bacon. Don’t want to use briquettes tonight? Use your Dutch Oven in your home oven, just as yummy.


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Scrub those Dutch Ovens!

I’m about to go up against all the advise and instructions you have ever heard about cleaning your Dutch ovens…….DO IT!!! Scrub it, soap it up, make it clean, and then rinse it good and oil it up and put it away.

We had a meal the other day that might have tasted good if there wasn’t so much ick in it from other meals. I know the general advise about Dutch ovens is to burn it out and scrap it out so you wont ruin the seasoning, but yuck! I do not enjoy crunching something unidentifiable from a meal I know I’m not currently having. I have a cast iron frying pan that my grandmother used her whole…

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