Time together is precious!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I remember a young couple I knew a few years ago. They were expecting their first child. They were so excited and so in love and so in love iwth the idea of becoming parents. Then the baby was born early and didn’t live, it was bad. This is a very hard thing to go through but the husband was so distraught that the doctor gave him some medication to help calm him down and he had an allergic reaction and died. Now this young woman had lost her child and her husband within just a few hours.

A couple years before that another couple, 6 young children, good marriage, good family. He was out trimming tree’s one morning, he fell off the ladder, hit his head and died instantly. It was devastating.

When you’re in the midst of a petty argument, or feeling like it might not be worth trying one more day, can you take a breath and remember how short and how precious life is? Is being right that important? Let’s face it most of what we humans argue over doesn’t matter at all.

For those of us that know of eternal life and marriage there are some comforts but that doesn’t make the long nights and years alone easier. How awful if you send those night wishing that you had not fought, wishing you had spent your time being happy instead of nagging, wishing you hadn’t said or done that thing that caused such hurt feelings.

Time together is precious. We would all be better off if we treated one another as if this week were going to be our last one together. If we could remember all the good things about our partners instead of focusing on the negative. What a pleasure our marriages would be, what a wonderful family life we would have. Why don’t we do it?

Tak the time to go on a date with your partner. Take the time to say thank you and please. Take the time to talk about the things that are really important. Hold each others hand, take a walk together, daydream together, plan your future together. And most of all don’t forget the 3 most important things, Family prayer, Family scripture study and Family Home Evening. They are the magic bullet!

We’ve all heard it said that when we die we won’t ever regret not having spent more time at work. So let’s spend our time with the ones that are and should be the most important people in our lives.

I once heard a general authority say that in all his years of being a bishop or stake president, no one ever came to him and said, we’re praying together, we’re reading scriptures together and we’re having family home evening and on top of that we are going to the temple, but we really feel like we need a divorce! I think that tells us something.

Spend your time, which is the greatest gift you have and can give, with the people you love. Treat each other well, treat each other with loving care, remember that life and time is precious, don’t waste it.