Why are they called the Good Old Days? Because life was simpler – because people embraced and valued the basics like those shared here. Learn along with us about living lives in a more fulfilling, happy way. Find a new way, a better way, a Good Old Way to have happy families and full rich lives. The basics never fail!

The Divine Role of Motherhood–Sacrament Meeting Talk 5/14/2017

The Divine Role of Motherhood

I have women in my life who live in all kinds of circumstances. I know women who have never married, women who have no children of their own, women who have struggled mightily with infertility, women who have suffered numerous miscarriages, women who have lost a child to death, women whose children have strayed and broken hearts. I know single mothers, widows, seemingly perfect moms and moms who struggle daily just to deal with life. I know moms who coach every team, always volunteer to be room mother and have fresh baked cookies after school everyday. I know moms who read scriptures for bedtime stories and sing their children to sleep. I also know moms…

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Adam’s Sacrament Meeting Talk–February 2016

I was asked to speak on the scriptures. What does that mean, Scriptures?

The term scripture usually means written documents. But for us as Latter Day Saints, the concept of scripture has two complementary definitions. first, a narrow view that includes only the standard works as the scriptures, and secondly, a broader definition that includes all revelation from God as scripture. both of these are authoritative, since both are viewed as coming from God.

In the first definition, we would include only what we refer to as the scriptures, or the four standard works: the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. These constitute the canonized, authoritative corpus of revealed writings against…

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Relief Society Lesson–The Atonement–February 2016


Tell me every thing you know about the Atonement.......

Discussion – we talked about forgiveness and scarifice

In the book True to the Faith we read a simple explanation:

The word atone means to reconcile, or to restore to harmony. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can be reconciled to our Heavenly Father. We can ultimately dwell in his presence forever, having been made perfect through Jesus.

Jesus Christ was prepared from the foundation of the world to redeem his people. In the premortal spirit world, Heavenly Father presented the eternal plan of salvation, which required an infinite and eternal Atonement. The premortal Jesus, then known as Jehovah, humbly declared that he would do the will of the…

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Sacrament Meeting Talk–February 28. 2016


Adam and I have been asked to talk about the scriptures, that's it, no other direction. As I thought about what I might say that hasn't been said a million times or that would help us to understand the scriptures better, my thoughts turned to my grand daughter Natalie. Natalie loves music, she sings all the time. She learns music easily and if there is anything you want her to learn, teach it to her through music!

I asked Natalie what her favorite primary song was and she said I like to look for rainbows. Now Natalie is barely 4 years old and she is obsessed with My little Pony. Her most favorite character is Rainbow Dash. So I…

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