Emma doesn’t like cake. Emma was getting married. Wedding usually have a wedding cake. Emma doesn’t like cake. Well I didn’t have a huge problem with not having or serving cake, Emma said she wanted pie, so I thought we could make mini pies and serve them. However I thought we still needed a cake stand in or representative. Emma did want a cake topper, had a cute one picked out, but if you don’t have a cake what do you do with a cake topper? I couldn’t figure out how to put one on a pie.

Then the groom, Kevin, started going on about how much he liked his families peach cobbler, made with peaches from the family orchard. He talked about how much he liked the cobbler cooked in a dutch oven and how good it tasted. So after some mulling and some discussion of the traditional feeding the cake to each other pictures, we came up with an idea that would cover all the issues.IMG_6246 How about a stack of dutch ovens, peach cobbler in the top one, all warm and yummy for the bride and groom. Some simple orange ribbon wrapped around the lid of each pot, pulled tight and held together with double sided tape. Not one bit of tape touched the pots because we didn’t want to spend a lot of time trying to scrub that off!

The cake topped sat on top just right and to the side was a picture of the bride and groom imitating the cake topper. The picture was the brides idea and it was cute.

We got a lot of comments on our “cake”. Everyone thought it was very cute and creative, some were a little thrown by our lack of the ordinary but they got over it. The only complaint we got was that all the dutch ovens weren’t full of cobbler to serve the guests, but they said that with a mouth full of pie!IMG_6494

The bride and groom were very happy with their “cake”, more happy than any real cake could have made them. IMG_6503 So think outside the box when planning your wedding. What makes you happy? What can your budget handle? How can you get what you want and live within that budget? What talents does your family have that can make your wishes possible? Are you willing to commit the time and energy? And most of all, can you behave? Can you be nice and kind and work together with the people who love you the most to make it a wonderful day? No matter how beautiful or unique or expensive your day you will not be happy unless you are happy for all the right reasons and you are surrounded by the people who love you and helped make the day great. It always has been and always will be about family, remember that and your day will be fabulous!