Emma wanted to wear her grandmothers wedding dress, ok. She had her grandmother make her a beautiful orange jacket to go over top, great. Now what? We thought about and tried jewelry, she absolutely did not want a tiara of any kind. We thought about headbands, hair clips, simpler things that maybe we could adorn with buttons since that was the kind of theme she was going with. She wasn’t happy with anything we came up with. So now what?

The more I thought about the dress and the fact that it was 54 years old, the more I thought it really needed something handmade and vintage looking. Well I happen to love to crochet, why not crochet a simple headband in an ecru color and the edges in orange to match the jacket? I found a pattern online that I liked, it was fairly simple with a more ornate edge. I really liked the headband. I tried doing the edges in the orange and no matter what kind of stitch I used I didn’t like it at all. It was too fancy, too plain, too orange, too……well, not Emma. So I played around for a bit and decided to just weave the orange thread down through the middle of the headband and sew on 3 small buttons. One thread wasn’t quite enough color, so I used 2 strands of #10 crochet thread, perfect!IMG_6046 IMG_5752

This headband took just a little bit of time, it was made with bits of crochet thread that were in the “it's too much to throw away but not enough for much of a project bin, and 3 buttons that were part of the purchase for the wedding “flowers”. So the total cost was $0.00!!!

It added just a bit of something and was handmade which went with the dress perfectly. Emma loved that she was wearing her grandmothers dress, made by her great grandmother, a jacket made by her grandmother, the headband made by mom, a petticoat borrowed from one sister in law and a camisole borrowed from the other sister in law, the only thing that was hers were her socks!