One of Emma’s biggest requests for her wedding reception was to have a candy bar. I don’t know where she had seen one, but she thought it was fabulous! As her wedding got closer and she attended some friends receptions she saw a few candy bars, but they were more or less just a few bowls with candy in them on the ends of the food tables. What Emma wanted was a table full of her favorite candies with the ability for her guests to take a bunch home with them.

My sister found some great jars at walmart for about $10 and offered to pick them up, so we said, yes, please! We ended up with 13 jars in 2 sizes and then we began to hunt for candy. I started with looking for bulk candy online, and while they had great candies and a large variety it wasn’t cost effective. So we went to Costco! I love Costco! We found several kinds of candies and at a better price than any where else. We also went to the candy aisle at Walmart, also a good deal.

We had everything from Gharadelli chocolate squares to salt water taffy and it was great! IMG_6128 I ordered Chinese take out boxes from a place online called They came really quickly and in perfect shape. I got the half pint size and we put a little sign in front saying, please help yourself.

Now I knew that the kids would love the candy bar, what I never expected was the grown ups going wild over it! I never saw so many little old men so happy in all my life!! We had people walking up to us asking if we had tape so they could tape the sides of the box standing up so it would hold more candy. We had people walking out with a box or 2 or 3 in each hand. It was quite funny! Of course all the chocolate candies went first, the more expensive the faster they went, but it was a lot of fun and it looked great too. If you want something to make an impression on your guests, this will do it.

As I was trying to decide what to do for a candy bar I looked at a lot of things online. There are a lot of companies who will build them for you, you can choose a color or a brand or a kind of candy. They looked fancy and perfect and if that’s what you’re looking for and you have the money it’s a great idea. But for us it was much more important to have Emma’s favorites and have the table just look really generous, I think we did it.