Motion sickness results when the brain receives wrong information about the environment. To help keep our bodies in balance, our sensory systems continually collect information about our surroundings and send it to our inner ears, and like computers, they organize the information and send it on to the brain.

It is when our balance system notes a discrepancy between what our inner ears sense and our eyes sense that motion sickness can take hold. Once you feel the symptoms coming on, motion sickness can be very difficult to stop. But these remedies may be able to help you.

Think about something else – sounds hokey but if you think you’re going to throw up, you probably will.

Leave nursing the sick to someone else – It’s the domino theory, one gets sick and then another, you watch them go down and then it’s your turn. Walk away at the first domino

Get your nose out of there – Bad odors such as engine fumes, dead fish on the boat, whatever will contribute to nausea, move!

Butt out – Smoking will make it worse, so put it out. If someone is smoking around you, see if you can move

Travel at night – You cant see the motion as well in the dark so you don’t get as sick or sick at all

Watch the food – If certain foods give you issues when you’re standing still it will be worse when you’re moving. don’t overindulge and watch your trigger foods

Fresh air – a breath of fresh air can make all the difference. On a boat, stand on deck, on a plane, turn on the vent

Don’t drink – Too much alcohol can interfere with the way the brain handles information about the environment and can set off motion sickness symptoms. It can also dissolve into the fluids of your inner ear, which can send your head spinning

Sleep – Your chance of getting motion sickness increases with fatigue, so get your quota before you take off on a trip. Sleeping in route helps too

Sit still – Extra motion causes extra motion sickness

Move up front – If you’re in a car move to the front seat and focus on the horizon

Better yet, drive – When you’re behind the wheel you’re looking straight ahead and you’re anticipating any quick changes in motion

Don’t read – reading in a moving vehicle makes the print move which can make you awfully dizzy

Find the center of most resistance = For instance, on a ship find the center where there is the least movement

Find a stationary point to focus on – land, sky, whatever doesn’t move

take a pill – If it’s going to happen and you know it, take a Dramamine or Bonine a few hours in advance. Taking the pill after the symptoms start will not be as affective

Remember you wont die – It may feel like it, but it will come to an end. You’ll either get off the ride, the mode of travel, or if it’s a long trip your body will adjust