The condition, also known as Edbom syndrome is usually a chronic annoyance rather than a symptom of a serious neurological disorder. It is characterized by an irresistible urge to move the legs, jumping of the legs, and deep creeping or crawling sensations in the legs. Typically its the lower legs that are involved, although the thighs and even the arms can be involved. The origin is unknown, some doctors suspect it may be an imbalance in the brains chemistry. So here are a few things you can try if it hits you.

Get up and walk – It tends to strike at night when you’re at rest. So the quickest way to satisfy the legs urge to move is to move. Take a stroll around the room

Walk before going to bed – It can noticeably reduce bedtime bouts and exercise changes chemical balances in the brain, endorphins are released and may promote more restful sleep

Wriggle – move your feet back and forth when symptoms arise

Change positions – Some people seem to develop symptoms a lot more sleeping in one position more than another, try something different

Soak your feet in cold water – it works for some, however do not use ice water

Warm up – cold helps some, a heating pad helps others

Take your vitamin – an iron deficiency may be a cause of restless legs, as well as a folate deficiency. Taking a good multi-vitamin could prevent both

Take 2 aspirins at bedtime – doctors cant say why it helps but it can greatly reduce symptoms in some people. If you have an aspirin sensitivity, be cautious

Dont eat a lot, late – eating a bit meal late at night could really get the legs jumping

Lower your stress – stress worsens the problem

Get plenty of rest – symptoms may become more severe if you’re overtired

Massage – right before bedtime, rubbing your legs might be beneficial

Avoid sleep aides – as your body builds up a tolerance to the drug it can enhance the symptoms

No alcohol – it just sets you up for trouble

Reduce caffeine – Some studies have shown an association between relief of restless legs and stopping caffeine

Quit smoking – here it is again, smoking bad!

Come in from the cold – Studies have implicated prolonged exposure to cold as a possible cause of restless legs