As I’ve said before our extended family get together every Sunday night for dinner. It’s a nice tradition and it allows us all to catch up and enjoy one anothers company for a couple hours. But sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

Last Sunday we were having Indian tacos. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it consists of a circle of fried bread dough or a scone as we call it in the west, topped with refried beans, hamburger, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, basically all the fixings for a taco. On this day it was my job to make the scones. So I mixed up my favorite batch of bread dough, waited for it to rise and then began to fry it up.

I got about half way through the frying when I realized that we were going to be late to dinner so we texted that we needed another 20 minutes. We finished up as fast as possible and then changed and loaded the scones up in the car. It was at that moment that my husband realized he hadn’t fed the dog. He was afraid he would forget to do it by the time we got home, so he got out and went over to her pen to feed her. Now he had on his slippers and the dogs pen is at the end of the yard. We have been having a big gopher problem so as he slippered his way over to the dog he was doing a little avoid the gopher hole dance, it was pretty cute! He goes into the dog pen to feed snickers and our very old dog is excited to see him. She often doesn’t have any energy but that day she was pretty energetic, happily jumping up for attention. He spent a few minutes petting and talking to her then he turned to leave. That old dog made it to the gate before he did and out she popped!

She doesn’t move all that fast any more but in slippers neither does my husband! So she ran a ways from him, then she ran back, she laid down and waited for him and then she ran. She was having a great time playing with him and he was doing the best he could to catch up to her while dancing in his slippers around the gopher holes. I sat there in the car waiting to go just a giggling. I knew we were going to be a lot later for dinner.

Snickers doesn’t wear a collar so Adam had nothing to grab onto when he caught up with her. He just had to wait until she held still long enough to pick her up, well she wasn’t having any of it. This little dance lasted several minutes and finally he picker her up and carried her back to her pen.

Well now of course he’s covered in dog hair and has been licked to death so he goes into the house to change his shirt and wash up. As my giggles settle down I believe that to be the end of it. I was wrong.

Adam gets back into the car and leans over to turn the key and a fly flies into his mouth! There is much coughing and choking and more laughter coming from me than there probably should be. The fly was the icing on the comical cake! After Adam could breathe again he laughed too, but no one can laugh too hard when they are still trying to decide if they actually swallowed a fly. Is it wrong of my that the one thing flowing through my mind was the old song…..There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly, perhaps she’ll die. That didn’t help my laughter!