It’s the kind of thing that seems to have been a mystery since the dawn of time, what do women want? How does a woman think? How do you make a woman happy?

Well we all now that each woman is different, we are unique human beings, however in general women are pretty simple. We want to be loved, appreciated, held, told that we matter and know that in the hearts of those we love the most we are precious.

I have told my children for years that the biggest most important sex organ is the brain and it’s true! Especially for women we cannot enjoy intimacy if all the other things in our lives and relationships aren’t in order. The brain is also the key to her heart. When our relationships and lives are in order our heart is content and happy.

Women are built different than men, duh! No, what I mean is that our hearts and minds are very different. We need to feel loved and cared for, appreciated and well though of by those we love, all human do. But as women we are built to give back to you twice what we receive. If you make us feel loved, we will make you feel very well loved indeed. If you do something nice for us, we will spend quite a lot of time and effort doing nice things for you. You can’t get ahead of a woman’s heart, she will always give you more than she receives, it’s just the way we are built.

So this article is simple, short and easy. If you want to hold a woman in the palm of your hand, to know her and her needs, to love her, follow this plan: Tell her you love her, show her you love her, surprise her once in a while, make her feel special, hold her hand, listen when she talks, value her opinion, treat her as well today as you did the first time you realized you loved her. You’ll never regret tending the woman you love, she will always give it back in spades.