As a Latter Day Saint I know that we are a covenant people. One of the things we covenant is to sacrifice all that we have, all that we are, all that we have been blessed with if God requires it of us. We take this covenant seriously, we believe that we are equal to it, we hope we are.

Last week we took our youngest daughter to the Provo MTC to begin her mission to North Carolina. We have sent two boys a few years ago, we have known for a few years that Alison wanted to serve. With the change in age requirements she was leaving a year before we had planned. I won’t lie, this was a sacrifice. This precious girl is a complete and utter treasure to her family. I have tried over and over to think of a time when I have ever been angry or disappointed with her. I can’t remember one time. She is sweet, responsible, kind, obedient, a great example, a servant of Heavenly Father in all the right ways, a servant to her family in time and talents, a quiet spirit whose testimony radiates from her. Letting this one go has been very different than having the boys go.

Girls are different, She’s so much more mature than the boys were when they left, she’s much more prepared in every way and it was her choice not something that was expected. She will learn fast because she knows how to learn. She will be a great example because thats just who she is. She will make others around her want what she has just by the way her spirit shines through.

I’m not worried about her knowing how to cook or mend her clothes or take care of herself. I just miss her. 20130410123449 20130410123438

We stood in front of the Provo temple on the day we took her to the MTC and said our good-byes, and the thought that kept coming to me is the law of sacrifice. The Old Testament talks about the people living the law of Moses and the law of Sacrifice. We aren’t required to sacrifice as they did any more. But we are a very blessed people and are required to sacrifice things that mean more to us, like our time! So at this time I realized that Alison was sacrificing her next 18 months to serve the Lord. She was giving her time and talents and her education to preach and teach his gospel to her brothers and sisters here on this earth. But we as her parents and family were also sacrificing. We will not have her sweet spirit here with us for 18 months. We cannot text or talk or include her in our daily lives for 18 months. We are giving her to the Lord, supporting her financially, spiritually, emotionally and in all ways we can to allow her to have this time to serve.

We miss her very much. We shed tears of sorrow but also joy that she is qualified to serve and has the desire to do so. We are a covenant people. We are a people of sacrifice. We will give all that we have, all that we are to serve the Lord.