One thing I know for certain about children is that they all like to crawl into small spaces and hide. If you don’t have a place for them to do that, they will find one. IMG957934 Kids make tents out of blankets and a chair, they crawl under a bed, into a cupboard, into a box. The best playhouse in the world would never have been as popular with my children as playing under the quilt I was making.

Finding a place to hide expresses a healthy imagination. The hiding place starts usually with a simple place to play peek a boo, it progresses to playing “house”, sailing away on a pirate ship, living in a cave. Imagination is an important tool in growing up and learning to problem solve and learning to cope with life. PART951329096865594 So, do you have a small cupboard, a closet, a blanket and a couple of chairs? Give your child the gift of a hiding place and help the imagination soar!