Almost every kid out grows bed wetting. Bed wetting can be caused by a kid who is a heavy sleeper, has a weak bladder or an undersized bladder. No kid wants to wet the bed, so be patient and kind and let time take it’s course.

Be realistic – dont praise and don’t punish. Just change the bed and move on. Understand that kids don’t wet the bed to punish you!

If the child is older it may help to arrange the room so he can change the sheets himself when needed. Also set out clean sheets, pajamas and whatever else is needed so he can avoid embarassment

Bed wetting alarms – these can work and can help train the child to get up, however they can be loud and require the rest of the family to be patient. Alarms now are smaller and sensors can attach directly to underwear. Relapse rate is about 10-15 percent

Exercise that bladder – practice drinking lots of fluids during the day and then holding off urination for as long as possible, not recommended for everyone and should never be a punishment

Unless there is a medical issue all kids will outgrow bed wetting by puberty. Some other things to try, restrict fluids later in the day. Make sure the child goes to the bathroom right before bed. We also used to get our child up and take her to the bathroom again just as we were turning in. Most of all be patient, this too will pass. It doesn’t have to become an issue or an argument between you and your child.