Working in the yard? Silly ideas of tanning and you fell asleep? Sunburn hurts, try these remedies.

Vinegar – Contains acetic acid, one of the compounds of aspirin. It can help ease sunburn pain, itching, and inflammation. Soak a few sheets of paper towels in white vinegar and apply them to skin. Leave them on until the towels dry, and repeat as needed. Add 2 cups vinegar to cool bathwater to help relieve itching

oatmeal – Can be added to a cool bath when you’re badly sunburned. Grind 1 cup oatmeal in a feed processor and add it to running water to soothe itchy skin

Cucumbers and potatoes – contain compounds that cool the burn and help reduce swelling when sliced and rubbed gently on a painful sunburn

Peppermint has cooling, aromatic qualities that quell the scorch of the sunburn. Brew up a cup of peppermint tea and chill. oak a cloth in the cold tea and apply

My brother in law as a young teen had a bad sunburn on his back. His mom wrapped him is a damp sheet and changed it often. It was quite soothing

And as always, Aloe Vera is a wonderful thing. It soothes and it help to heal