It’s not life threatening, but its often a pain, literally! Here are a few things to do clear it up and get some relief.

A drinking glass and some water may be all you need to cure hiccups. Take a bunch of quick sips in a row and block your ears while you drink.

Cider Vinegar – if your taste buds can cope, is a quick cure. Swallow 1 tsp of the vinegar. Another vinegary method is to suck on a dill pickle

Peanut Butter – 1 heaping tsp, interrupts swallowing and breathing patterns during the process of getting it off the tongue and teeth, which helps stop hiccups

Ice cream – makes curing hiccups a treat. The chill of ice cream, steady swallowing, and a pleasurable distraction all add up to calm the diaphragm

A spoonful of sugar – not only makes the medicine go down, it can also cure the hiccups, simply swallow

lemons – cut a slice and suck on it.