Almost 50% of all diaper rashes go away by themselves within one day, some can last 10 days or longer, and it’s going to feel like a 100 years! Here are some hints to give relief and help you survive.

Breast feed – breast fed babies have fewer cases of diaper rash than bottle fed babies

Give the bum some air – take the diaper off and lay him chest down, with his face turned to one side. Better lay him on a towel with something water proof underneath. Leave the baby there for as long as you have time to stay and watch him.

Diapers – today's diapers are super absorbent and that seems to cut down on a lot of diaper rash, however, you still have to change them especially if they are stinkers!

Blow dry – keeping the diaper area clean promotes healing, but drying with a towel can irritate skin, so try a blow dryer. Set it on low, and then apply a diaper cream to protect the skin

It’s really fairly basic, unless the baby is having diarrhea or having acute problems with urine, keeping baby clean and dry will prevent most and take care of most diaper rash.