Sadly there is no cure, however there are things we can do to get through it more comfortably and maybe even shorten the length of the illness.

Vitamin C – This works in the body as a scavenger, picking up all sorts of trash, including virus trash. It can shorten the length of a cold from seven to maybe 3 days. It may also cut back on coughing, sneezing, and other symptoms. Try taking 500 milligrams 4 times per day. Short term use of such high doses shouldn’t cause any side effects, but you should get your doctors okay before starting any supplement program. Better yet get your vitamin c by drinking it. Orange, grapefruit and cranberry juices are rich sources of vitamin c

Zinc – sucking on zinc lozenges can cut colds short, to an average of four days. It doesn’t work for everyone but when it works….it works! The downside is zinc has an unpleasant taste. Some lozenges on the market now contain honey and or citrus that are a lot easier to swallow. Do not take more than the amount recommended, zinc can be toxic in large doses.

Rest – Extra rest enables you to put all your energy into getting well. It can also help you avoid complications like bronchitis and pneumonia. Take a day or two off, slow down, cancel the parties, just rest

Stay warm and exercise – bundle up, it not only provides comfort, but keeps your immune system focused on fighting your cold instead of trying to keep you warm. Mild exercise improves your circulation, helping your immune system circulate infection fighting antibodies. Refrain from strenuous exercise which can wear you out

Chicken Soup – A cup of hot chicken soup unclogs nasal passages and allows mucus to flow. Hovering over a hot cup of soup helps temporarily open up stuffy nasal passages. Store bought or homemade doesn’t seem to make too much difference, they all stop certain white blood cells, called neutrophils from congregating and causing inflammation. Plus, hot soup just feels comforting

Drink your liquids – drink 6-8 glasses of water, juice, tea and any other clear liquids. This will keep you hydrated, replacing fluids lost while sick, also it will flush out impurities that my be preying on your system

No smoking! enough said

Saltwater – dissolve 1 teaspoon salt into a cup of warm water and gargle morning, noon and night or whenever it hurts most. Do not swallow

Bathe or shower – Take a hot steamy shower or bath. The steam is good and the water is comforting. Or boil a teapot or pot of water, drape a towel to tent over your head and inhale the steam until water cools.

Petroleum jelly – relieve a nose raw from blowing by applying a lubricating layer of petroleum jelly around and slightly inside your nostrils with a cotton swab

Medications – If your taking over the counter meds during the day, take only symptom specific meds. If your taking a multi symptom reliever take it only at night right before bed. These may have side effects that you can sleep through instead of suffering them.

Garlic – it’s a natural antiseptic that fights off viruses. If you’re feeling brave, hold a small clove or 1/2 clove in your mouth and breathe the fumes into your throat and lungs, or chew quickly and swallow with water. A better way might be garlic capsules 3 times a day, or better yet use lots of garlic in your cooking

Ginger tea – can help block the production of substances that cause bronchial congestion and stuffiness. Make it with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon grated gingerroot steeped for 10 minutes in hot water. Drink 1 cup of tea a day throughout the duration of your cold, add a pinch of cinnamon for flavor and an extra boost.