I've decided it's time to be a grown-up.  Part of being a grown-up is learning to cook.  I am a horrible cook.  It seems that no matter how many times I double and triple check my self I always do something wrong.  but in my house we have the "P" word.  Practice.  Nothing in life comes easy but with practice they can be made better. So I will be documenting my experiences with cooking.  My trials, my mess-ups, my discoveries, and hopefully my successes. 

Part 1

My first attempt was a recipie I got from my sister-in-law.  It's one of my favorites.  Yummy Crock-pot Chicken.  It can be found in the recipie box.

Most of the ingredients are things that we had lying around, cream cheese, milk, cream of chicken.  All I had to buy were the chicken breasts and Italian seasoning pack.  It's super simple, as Crock-pot cooking should be.  I just cut up the chicken and put all the ingredients in the pot and mushed them up a bit.  Cook on low for six hours and done.

I added garlic bread and a salad to the mix and, guess what??  It turned out great!!  I realize this is as simple as they come but I needed to start easy.  Simple.  I'm just glad it turned out so good.  

Right now I have brownies in the oven, I'll post on that later!!